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How to run any F# script with FAKE

FAKE is not only a great build DSL, but it can be used to run any F# script, while allowing to specify dependencies inside script.

Steps to run F# script with FAKE from zero configuration:

  • Install .NET Core SDK for your platform:
  • Install FAKE global tool: dotnet tool install fake-cli -g (on linux sudo dotnet tool install fake-cli -g)
  • Create script.fsx file with this content:
#r "paket: 
    nuget AwesomeLib1
    nuget AwesomeLib2"
#load ".fake/script.fsx/intellisense.fsx"
#if !FAKE
#r "netstandard"

// Your code here.
  • Replace AwesomeLib1 and AwesomeLib2 with your NuGet dependencies.
  • Put your code in script.fsx.
  • Run your code with fake run script.fsx (fake -s run script.fsx for suppress FAKE output.)
  • Profit!


  • #load ".fake/script.fsx/intellisense.fsx" line enables Intellisense support for IDE after script is runned first time (dependencies need to be downloaded).
  • When you change dependencies, you need to delete script.fsx.lock file, to force FAKE to recompute dependencies.
  • If you run into some problems, try removing .fake/script.fsx folder.